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Why I'm Considering Sisterlocks

Hello Curlfriends!!!  I come before you all laying out a big decision I’ve been entertaining for quite some time now.  As I am in my second year, trekking toward my third year as a natural, I find myself still struggling with my hair in terms of day-to-day maintenance.  With that being said I’ve been giving sisterlocks HEAVY consideration and here is why… 

The first reason I’ve been considering sisterlocks is because sisterlocks are relatively low maintenance. I was totally off base in my thinking that going natural would not require as much as my relaxed hair…BIGGEST NATURAL HAIR MYTH EVER.  I thought that freedom and low maintenance came with natural hair, and while the freedom part is partly correct, the low maintenance part couldn’t be any further from the truth, as natural hair actually requires MORE maintenance, or at least that has been MY experience.  This is problematic for me as I, in general, am a low maintenance kind of chick!  Based on recent research I’ve learned that sisterlocks are pretty low maintenance.

 As of lately, I’ve been twisting my hair and wearing my twist pulled back into a ponytail.  Occasionally, I switch up this protective do by adding a twist out bang or a pompadour, but I have kept this twist thing going for about 2 or 3 months now.  On a rare occasion I take down my twists and sport a rockin’ twist out…but this is few and VERY far between as it takes a lot of time and product to get those twists back in.  I DREAD the idea of taking down my twists. The last time I twisted my hair, the testimony of a recording artist resonated with me when she stated that she locked her hair because she allowed her hair to do what it wanted to do naturally.  As I attempted to detangle my hair to prepare it for the twists, I was telling myself those same words… I should let my hair do what it wants to do naturally… Lock. 

Why sisterlocks?  I love locks in general.  I think they are beautiful, but ALL locks are not for me.  I like the fact that sisterlocks are done on a grid pattern that allows for maximum versatility with styling.  I also love the sizing options which, again, allows you to style the locks the same way you could relaxed and/or natural hair.  For these reasons I’m thinking that sisterlocks just may be for me.

Photo Cred: adzuaspa

At this point it seems like a great option for me…an option that I’ve entertained off and on since I’ve been natural.  I remember about a year into my natural hair journey I mentioned to my main curlfriend, (and WE co-founder) Shae that I was really thinking about getting sisterlocks and asked her if I seemed coo-coo for considering locks for myself.  After a lengthy convo I came to the decision that it was too early in my journey to make that type of decision with my hair.  I hadn’t worked with it enough, nor yet found the products that work for my hair.  Here it is a two and a half years later, and the thought still lingers.  This time I’ve been doing research and talking with people.  As I’ve wandered on my natural hair journey these last few years the more I research and talk to people… the more I think that I may have FINALLY found the path for which I should take with my hair, especially since relaxers are ALL THE WAY OUT (and I grow increasingly frustrated, bored, or weary with the daily maintenance of my hair).  As I continue to do my homework on sisterlocks, I will more than likely begin a sisterlock series on WE Exchange chronicling my findings, my journey… and eventually my decision.

Until next time ladies, please share your thoughts, questions, or feedback with us.  WE love to hear from you!

 Simply Sharing,