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Preservation Mode

Hello Curlfriends!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to do this... with that, there is soooo much to share.  First, I am at a point in my journey where I am in preservation mode.  It has been almost 2 years since my big chop, and I struggle daily with the haunting question of “what am I going to do with my hair”... or at least I did.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am that girl that will switch my hair up in a blink, from cut to color.  This past year has been somewhat trying as I’m still trying to get to know my hair- from typing, to products that work for me...should I braid out or twist out.  First attempt at new dos typically are a failure for me so I find myself stuck in the land of “what to do with my hair”.  This creates an all too familiar feeling of boredom... a boredom that in the past typically resulted in a drastic hair switch up, and so I find myself consistently trying to resist falling back into what I know; resisting that itch to just chop it all off or WORST... relaxing it.

So what do you do when you have run into a dry spell in your journey and are about ready to throw in the towel???  The solution is simple...protective styling.  Protective dos protect your hair, provides the opportunity for it to grow all while figuring out what your hair goal is.  

So what is a protective do?  It’s pretty much self explanatory, it’s a hair do that you sport that doesn’t require a lot of manipulation of the hair thus protecting the hair resulting in growth.  Protective dos will require some maintenance, just not much.  Long term protective dos give you a break from the daily hassle of dealing with what some mistakenly consider low maintenance (natural) hair.  

Protective dos also gives you the chance to do some research.  It can be extremely beneficial to find people in the natural hair community whose hair looks  similar to yours, someone that you can follow and consider your inspiration (afterall, if they did it, so can you).  Doing this research and following these hair mentors (aka hairspirations), will help you to set goals for your hair in terms of length, color and style.  Having an idea of where you are going in this hair journey can help motivate you to keep moving at those times when you may feel clueless as to what to do or where to go next with your hair.

18 inch box braids

18 inch box braids

My first protective do was long Repunzel braids that literally ran down mid thigh.  While I absolutely LOOOVED my braids, they were no light weight.  I wore them about 3 months before I let them go. It was certainly hard to say goodbye to my 18 inch braids, but when I did say goodbye boy did I see growth!

THIS GROWTH BROUGHT ME LIFE!!!  This was a forgotten benefit of braids that came as a pleasant (and welcomed) kick in the pants renewing my commitment to my healthy NATURAL hair journey. I’ve been in protective mode ever since.  Which brings me to my new protective do kick...WIGS!  

Wig worn as a half wig

Wig worn as a half wig

I have never received so many compliments on “my hair” and how natural it looks (blog coming soon on how to rock that wig naturally).  I am a single parent of two as well as a first year teacher and have very little time for anything that doesn’t have to do with my kids or my students.  Wigs offer the get up and go convenience, versatility, and most importantly protection.

So ladies if you find yourself in a rut in your natural hair journey, before you find yourself entertaining the thought of going back to the creamy crack, try some protective styling first.  This will stop you from making such a drastic move, will allow you time to research a hair mentor and come up with your hair goals, and offer your hair protection and time to grow. Need help finding that perfect wig that offers you a natural look... looking for ideas on how to wear /style your wig so it looks natural and much like your own... then look out for my next blog;) Till then coils and curls...Be you, We true... 

Simply sharing,