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Monai's Natural Hair Journey

My journey starts in 2001 when the DESIRE to go natural first hit me, mainly because the relaxing process for me was, I don't know...TRAUMATIC, to say the least (lol!). I'm laughing now, but it really is no laughing matter. Whether I scratched or not, I ALWAYS BURNED!!! I can vividly remember a beautician just chattering away on her cell phone as she went through the relaxing process with me. As we were at the sink washing the "creamy crack" out, I heard her whisper under her breathe through the phone, "Girl! You should see my client’s head... Her scalp in burnt!" Needless to say, for the next few days my hair was melted to my scalp as I had to deal with the chemical burns of the process. This is just one of many tragic experiences with relaxers that left me with a strong urge to do away with the entire process altogether; however, two different beauticians told me that I couldn't or shouldn't go natural because of my "resistant" hair... and so I didn't.

Eleven more years went by before I started transitioning, and all the while I watched my sister, mom and sister from another mother start their journeys as naturals. April of 2012 is when I made the conscious decision to NOT relax anymore, but I can't say that I knew I was going "natural" either. I started wearing half wigs and weaves and finally after an awesome trip to the Dominican Republic, I decided I was going to chop it off. Needless to say I went into shock... But like Nike... I just did it! After I went to the club for the first time rocking the new do, it's like everything changed and I was in a sudden state of acceptance of this new, but old me! Haven't looked back since and I have no regrets except that I hadn't done it sooner!